Hello! I'm Frank.
May i help you?

I'm a designer born and raised in the beautiful woods of the Black Forest in southern Germany. 

After running through a classic agency career from intern to Creative Director i was spending my time in experimenting on new collective creativity approaches such as the freelancer studio "EAT - Everybody All Together" founded in 2008 where some 50 professionals were forming teams and creating things together in crossfunctional teams years before "lean" became a buzzword.

I was experimenting a lot with Typography (e.g. Typographic Synthesizer Meek.FM in collaboration with Rob Meek). Over the years i had the privilege to work with some of the most interesting brands out there such as Adidas, Apple, Audi, Google, Mini, MTV, Nike, Nikon and Sony to just name a few.

Since 2010 i am heavily focussed on the Start-up scene where i helped companies like EyeEm to help them build their initial product in terms of developing the strategy, shaping the business model and creating bold design principles while being in charge of the visual identity. 

I am always up for a good coffee and an inspiring talk. Let's talk.

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Twenty years in design and still in love.“

— Frank Muller

Working experience
From startups to agencies to freelancing to companies.

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Aperto, BBDO, DDB, G2, Grey, Hi-ReS!, Jung von Matt, Neue Digitale, Plantage, Platoon, Ogilvy, Razorfish, Saatchi & Saatchi a.o.

Adidas, Audi, Axel Springer Akademie, Bacardi, Baden-Württemberg, Coca-Cola, Credit-Suisse, DesignHotels.com, Deutsche Bank, MIA, Mini, Motor-Talk, MTV, Nike, Nikon, Pfizer, Plazes, Senator, Siemens, Sony, Spanair, Sparkasse, Sprite, Star Alliance, TDK, Telekom Home Entertainment, Telekom Product Innovation, UBS, Volkswagen a.o.

1 x ADC - Art Directors Club

3 x Annual Award

2 x Biene Award

4 x China 4AS

2 x DDC - Deutscher Designer Club

1 x Epica

3 x Hongkong 4AS

4 x Jahrbuch der Werbung

2 x Lead Award

4 x Longxi Award

2 x Media Spikes

2 x New York Festival

3 x One Award

2 x Reddot Design Award

3 x The FWA

3 x Times Asia Pacific 

3 x World Media Festival

1 x DMMA

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