Hello! I'm Frank.
A few things that might be interesting. 

I was born and raised in the beautiful woods of the Black Forest, south Germany. And maybe this wild and pure nature I grew up in explains a little bit why I enjoy views that go beyond imagination when standing on top of a hill thinking of what could be out there. The magic of storytelling when I stroll down hidden paths in the woods. And the growth mindset that is anchored in the famous tinkerer approach of the people down here.

All these things led me to new untapped areas where I could apply these qualities to shape, inspire and push all kinds of teams form start-ups to international heavyweight organisations.

I worked in a variety of places and roles and would consider myself a generalist. A creative thinker and doer always curious on how to challenge the status quo with the help of design. I love to go to these new places using the collective creativity of teams to explore new visual expressions by leveraging technologies.


Here are some examples of what I did:

EAT - Everybody All Together
Probing a new collective approaches by bringing together more than 50 digital professionals on a per-project basis. Way before agile, cross functional teaming, lean approaches or New Ways of working became a thing.


Meek.FM - Typographic Synthesizer w/Rob Meek
An experiment where we wanted to see if it would be possible to listen to Fonts and how a particular shaped "A" would sound like. 


Over the years i had the privilege to work with some of the most valuable brands such as Adidas, Apple, Audi, Google, Mini, MTV, Nike, Nikon, Sony, … .


Starting in 2010 I had the opportunity to jump into the (back then) very young Berlin Start-up scene. I helped companies like Tweek (Now Daily.me) - A very early recommendation engine for movies, Monoqi - a Design and Lifestyle Outlet, Pamodo -  A Platform for edition Design from Bauaus until today and EyeEm - A global Photocommunity and Marketplace. I helped them to build and evolve their digital product, developing the strategy, shaping the business model as well as creating their design system and principles. 


BCG - Boston Consulting Group
My current role is BCG’s Global Creative Director. I am in charge of bringing the vision of a “Brand as an Art Movement” to live dealing with questions like:

  • How might we scale design and not loose its edge?
  • How might we stay relevant as a brand?
  • How might we challenge the brand image - outside in?

I am extremely thankful and proud for each and ever opportunity that I have been offered so far, the smart people I had the honour to work with and learned from and of which a few become very good friends. 

I am always interested in extending my network and if you have a story to tell let's talk over a coffee.

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Twenty years in design and still in love.“

— Frank Muller

Working experience
From startups to agencies to freelancing to companies.

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The destination for edition design lovers.

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Aperto, BBDO, DDB, G2, Grey, Hi-ReS!, Jung von Matt, Neue Digitale, Plantage, Platoon, Ogilvy, Razorfish, Saatchi & Saatchi a.o.

Adidas, Audi, Axel Springer Akademie, Bacardi, Baden-Württemberg, Coca-Cola, Credit-Suisse, DesignHotels.com, Deutsche Bank, MIA, Mini, Motor-Talk, MTV, Nike, Nikon, Pfizer, Plazes, Senator, Siemens, Sony, Spanair, Sparkasse, Sprite, Star Alliance, TDK, Telekom Home Entertainment, Telekom Product Innovation, UBS, Volkswagen a.o.

1 x ADC - Art Directors Club

3 x Annual Award

2 x Biene Award

4 x China 4AS

2 x DDC - Deutscher Designer Club

1 x Epica

3 x Hongkong 4AS

4 x Jahrbuch der Werbung

2 x Lead Award

4 x Longxi Award

2 x Media Spikes

2 x New York Festival

3 x One Award

2 x Reddot Design Award

3 x The FWA

3 x Times Asia Pacific 

3 x World Media Festival

1 x DMMA

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