Showcase — EyeEm

The world’s leading photo community.

EyeEm is one of the leading photography communities. It gives exposure to over 18 million photographers worldwide in a bespoke app, through events, magazines, awards and exhibitions. Photographers also have the opportunity to sell their work directly from within the products via EyeEms own marketplace as well as on partner outlets from some of the biggest player in the industry such as Getty images or Adobe.

During the 3 years at EyeEm i had the honour to work with great talents and inspiring people. I witnessed the development of some of the most advanced technology in photography field out there and the rise from a small and motivated start-up to a powerful company.


My role as CDO
Defining the Design framework.

At EyeEm i was responsible for all design aspects of the company. Starting from the whole product development, the look of the user interface, the overall user experience, the interaction model up until the assurance of an overall top-notch product quality.

Beyond that i was directing the meta topics such as brand identity, brand strategy, brand communication as well as integrated marketing campaigns. The idea was to design everything based on solid, easy to remember and bold design principles and their bespoke guidelines.

In terms of teambuilding i was in charge of hiring, professional leadership and developing of all designers. On the basis of one-on-ones, design sprints, design critique sessions, weekly designer workshops and quarterly development talks i was able to meet urgent, but also short, medium and long-term, personal goals.

Talking about processes, tools, ideas and everything else related to design is easy. Changing habits and leaving old workflows behind is a mammoth task. Read more about this topic.

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A few examples of what i managed to achieve while working at EyeEm.

1. Implementing a design-driven product approach.

2. Hiring, scaling and coaching of a highly skilled and mature team.

3. Strengthening Design as key success factor to elevate the brand perception and to make products more efficient.

4. Helping to establish close partnership with Google, Apple, Getty Images and Adobe.

5. Seeing our App "The Roll" as part of the Apple WWDC presentation was mind-blowing.

There were numerous things we achieved and of course nothing would have been possible without a phantastic team.

The Roll
Find your best photo, Organize your Camroll, Get rid of the duplicates.


The Roll uses EyeEm Vision, an image recognition technology that not only groups photos based on their content, but can also highlight the best ones. Photos are automatically tagged and displayed in categories so you can search and share without clutter. 

 A photo typically contains physical objects as well as moods and emotions. The Roll uses EyeEm Vision to understand these concepts and adds them as keywords to the metadata of your photos. EyeEm Vision recognizes and tags thousands of concepts – and it’s getting smarter every day. This means you can find the photo you’re looking for in a flash.

We shoot more and more images everyday. The idea of The Roll was basically to make your camroll a place to enjoy your photos again. Only the best, sorted by concepts. Enhanced by deep-learning an A.I. technology wrapped in a light design.

„The Roll is borderline magic.“

— TechCrunch


The Roll on Stage at Apples WWDC

„EyeEm creates exhibition spaces.“

— Frank Muller

Design Principles
Achieving a visual attitude. 

1 — Substance

Focus on the artwork with as little distraction as possible.

Give access to the right components and in-depth informations when requested.

Divide complex task into easy to accomplish steps.

2 — Quality

Balance between the use of positive (or non-white) and negative (or white) spaces is key to aesthetic composition.

Profound Design- and Typographic grid System based on classic systems gives clarity by avoiding visual clutter.

Key interactions are animated based on the physical behaviour from objects of the photo world.

Create an environment that stimulates creativity.

Create an environment that motivates.

Create an environment that holds everything ready to make a decision.

Enhancing possibilities while minimizing constraints. 

The guidelines were a product of great and inspiring talks in order to understand what is needed to tell the story of the brand. I created a system that not only provides a consistent set of rules to work cross-plattform but is flexible enough to carry the ideas of the future.

Guidelines are a tool to tell stories in a coherent way. Each element should have its purpose, its own character, so to speak. Otherwise, the story becomes unnecessary confusing.


Google Material Design
Colaborating with one of the best design teams in the world.

It is definitely a priviledge to work with the best designers in class. Therefore it was even more exiting when they approached us because of our intepretation of the  "dark theme" that was not implemented back then. Our work became a showcase for the flexibility of their styleguide. If you want to know more get the full story on Medium.

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It is definitely a priviledge to work with the best designers in class. Therefore it was even more exiting when they approached us because of our intepretation of the  "dark theme" that was not implemented back then. As we were experimenting quite a bit while working on our Material Design version of EyeEm. It became a showcase for the flexibility of their styleguide.

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