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Monoqi is a berlin based shopping community that main focus is to bring design lovers the quality items they are striving for at a price they hardly can resist. Monoqi was able to make their way in a high competitive and fast moving market.

During my year at Monoqi we had a hard time to compete against numerous companies in the field. Now it has become a healthy company that worked together with more than 2000 designers to date.


My role as CCO
Defining the Brand Experiene.

At Monoqi i was responsible for all design aspects of the company. As this was a „blank sheet of paper“ situation i was starting with the most obvious task - research in order to get a sense for our version of presenting high class design. How could we tell our story to perfectly match with the business model we were setting up in parallel?

We managed to developed the first design principles and their guidelines. They have been used throughout the first 5 years of the company and have been adapted not only to all early stage products (e.g. website shop design as well as checkout, campaigns, blog, newsletter, social marketing and offline usage) but also in the second phase (after i left the company in 2013) for their apps, 3rd party shops, the b2b program as well as for the internal tools.

Talking about processes, tools, ideas and everything else related to design is easy. Changing habits and leaving old workflows behind is a mammoth task. Read more about this topic.

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Logotype: Monoqi 
Design: FM


A few examples of what i managed to achieve while working at Monoqi.

1. Implementing a design-driven product approach.

2. Ease-of-use in terms of the checkout process (> 80% completion rate)

3. Detailed and different yet simple product presentation.

4. Effortless experience in the product discovery.

5. Dealing with design in the purest sense means to understand the principles and apply them. That was excactly what happened.

There was more we achieved and of course nothing would have been possible without a great team.

Applying the principles
From the vision to mobile web.


In the beginning we developed Monoqi as a desktop experience. Mobile payment was at an early stage and we could not rely on predictions. So instead of working mobile first we were developing the principles and applied it to the desktop in the first iteration of the product and therefore skipped the mobile web. Later it was implemented and as you can see in the example it reflects the basics of what we had planned beforehand.

For me that was a game-changing moment. I know every designer tries to work in a consistent fashion or likes to follow proper guidelines. But how can we describe this constant-changing something? Does consistency mean working always with the same type-size and padding. Is a styleguide a norm that is stale and corporate?

Design principles and their guidlines have one function. They create emotions that define the brand. Therefore the most satisfying experience you can create is not an interaction - it's a feeling.

This project was set-up back in 2013. It is an example that showcases how a solid foundation can work timeless allthough patterns may change the design principles will remain the same.

„The most satisfying experience you can create is a feeling.“

— Frank Muller

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